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Nose Job

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery is performed on the patients who want to give a better look to their nose. This surgical procedure reshapes a broken nose, defines the tip, narrows the nostrils, improvises the deviated septum, etc. Thus the popular nose job improves your aesthetic appearance. Moreover, you feel more confident and satisfied after undergoing a nose job. However, it is imperative to opt for a highly experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon as a reliable surgeon can help you in giving the desired look

We at Indo-American Cosmetic Surgery Centre are dedicated to improve the quality of your life. Dr Tejinder Bhatti provides exceptional services to the patients who opt for cosmetic procedures. Dr Tejinder Bhatti has a team of experienced plastic surgeons who have high experience in the nose plastic surgery. Being a leading plastic surgeon Dr. Bhatti is committed to offer high quality cosmetic care.

Before starting with the nose surgery the professionals first of all conduct a complete physical examination, inspects your skin inside and outside of your nose. Your medical history is also asked and in case you have a bleeding disorder, then rhinoplasty may not be suitable for you. Photographs of the nose are taken from different angles. The surgeons take into account your goals and expectations and then devise a suitable plan. Computer imaging is performed so as to evaluate the condition and thus formulate the best surgical plan for the patient. Each and every step of the procedure is devised with utmost care so as to give a good shape to the nose that suits the overall structure of the face. The surgery is offered at affordable prices.

Dr. Bhatti is always available for the initial consultation and thus if you want to clear any of your doubts then you can call us during our normal business hours.


What is the minimum cost of Rhinoplasty?

In the USA it is: US$ 2,785 whereas in India it is: (Rupees 70,000).

How much time is required to perform Rhinoplasty surgery?

In order to perform the surgery it generally takes about 1-2 hours however; the duration period can vary according to the extent or complexity of surgery.

Is Rhinoplasty an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?

It is an outpatient procedure. Usually the patients can go back to their home on the same day.

Can you please tell the side effects of Rhinoplasty?

The side effects include Bruising, swelling, and tenderness.

Does the nose job results last a lifetime?

Yes, Rhinoplasty results last for a lifetime.

Can you tell me the recovery period for Rhinoplasty?
  • The recovery time generally lies between 1 to 10 days. After the surgery the patient is advised to wear a split or cast so as to protect the nose.
  • On the day 4th or 6th the external sutures are removed.
  • From Day 14 to 1 Month- After the nose surgery the bruising and swelling recovers in about 2-4 weeks
  • In the 3rd month the nose takes good shape nicely. However the patient gets the desired shape but about a year or more after the surgery is performed.
Will my surgery be covered by my insurance company?

Insurance will be involved if in case the rhinoplasty surgery is required when the causes are deviated septum, facial trauma, or breathing problems.

Is the discomfort after the surgery to a great extent?

After the nose surgery the discomfort will be felt temporarily. However the discomfort can be overcome by consuming the prescribed medicine.

What kinds of anesthesia options are available?

Rhinoplasty anesthesia options include general, regional and local. Local with sedation can be preferred.

What are the other names for Rhinoplasty?

It is also referred to as Nose Surgery. Nose Reduction. Nose Augmentation, Nose Job.

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