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Dr Tejinder Bhatti

Dr Tejinder Bhatti

Dr Tejinder Bhatti

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Ron Schubert, Alberta (USA)
” I came all the way to Fortis Hospital, Mohali, to consult with Dr Tejinder Bhatti regarding my weight loss. I was 27 stones then (160 Kg as they say in India). My weight was not affected by diet, exercise and other treatment. And then I got the Bioenteric Balloon insertion done. I am going back to India in fall this year to get it removed since I have lost 6 stones (38 Kgs). I am so happy that I have started to look great again though I have a long way to go still.”

Daisy Cruthers Wisconsin (USA)
“Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a miracle man. With breasts reaching all the way down to my belly button, I consulted many practitioners in my locality. The cost was sky high. Dr Bhatti gave me similar results like the best centers in US at Chinese rates.”

Al Benin, Hawaii (USA)
“Aesthetic Clinic of India is by far the best center in South Asia if you are considering affordable, honest, state of the art cosmetic plastic surgery.”

Mohammad Qayoom, Damascus
“Came in for fat grafting of the face at this center recommended by my sister who got a procedure done too. I find the place very clean and professional standards are very high.”

Mouli Farhan, Tripoli
” A center worth emulating in my part of the world.”

John Cooley, Buffalo (USA)
“I thank God that I found this wonderful center where I got my double chin fixed for a fraction of a price.”

Jennifer Stanton, Leeds (UK)
“My tummy tuck results after 2 years are still amazing.”

Bruce Donelly, Freetown, (South Africa)
“Dr Bhatti, thank you for the new face.”

Sarah Bernardson Chicago (USA)
“The breast implant results were great. Just for USD 2000 I received the best Mentor breast implants. All inclusive.”

Dick Benhardt New mexico (USA)
“Swell results. Man boobs no more!”