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Plastic surgery

History in Brief :

Ancient plastic surgery was first practised in India by sage susruta around 600 BC

Plastic surgery started as reconstructive surgery during the first world war due to large number of facial injuries resulting from trench warfare

For almost 25 years army plastic surgeons practised modern plastic surgery

The specialty became glamorous when plastic surgeons after release from army service started to practice facial surgery to beautify faces of aging high society women

The present scope of plastic surgery:

Today, plastic surgery as a specialty has sprouted many sub-branches like-

  1. Reconstructive surgery
  2. Burn surgery
  3. Hand surgery
  4. Maxillofacial surgery
  5. Craniofacial surgery
  6. Reconstructive microsurgery
  7. Paediatric plastic surgery
  8. Cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery has emerged as the most glamorous sub-specialty. There is a lot of debate regarding which specialty is the most demanding. Surely, cosmetic plastic surgery is since the client (patient) is healthy otherwise and has come to you out of choice and not because she is sick, she has no insurance for the procedure and lastly desires a procedure with zero complications or side effects. This exerts a lot of pressure on the plastic surgeon during the Plastic surgery. Only the best plastic surgeons hence graduate to practising cosmetic plastic surgery.

The procedures that are included in cosmetic / aesthetic plastic surgery are- abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), blepharoplasty (baggy eyes), phalloplasty 9penile enlargement and girth thickening), mammoplasty (breast augmentation enhancement/ reduction), buttock augmentation, chemical peels, lasers, skin care, labiaplasty (vaginal rejuvenation), lip augmentation, botox and fillers, rhinoplasty (nose job), otoplasty (bat ears, lop ear), rhytidectomy (face lift), brow lift, thread lift, liposuction, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation and other facial implants,

The plastic surgery infatuation:

With rising disposable incomes, constant media attention, longevity and a desire to look younger than your age, cosmetic plastic surgery is booming in all parts of India and the world. The obsession is such that girls and ladies alike take loans for getting the plastic surgery procedure done from all section of society in India. The body dysmorphic syndrome is partly responsible for this rise in clients seeking cosmetic plastic surgery in large numbers in India and from all parts of the world.