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Chief of Plastic Surgery, Mercy Hospital,
Buffalo, NEW YORK, USA

Face Lift

Mini Facelift

A mini-facelift, intended to target the neck and lower two-thirds of the face, repositions the skin to remove sagginess and wrinkling. Results are quickly evident and natural, revealing smoother, more youthful facial contours and skin. Many mini-facelift patients are in the early stages of visible aging or seeking enhancement of a previously performed facelift.

Mini-facelifts are different from a full facelift as they do not target the eye area. Comparable to the S-Lift method, the mini-facelift is especially good for the sagging skin around the frown lines called the nasolabial folds. If you are otherwise happy with how your eyes and forehead look, but feel like you look older around the mouth, the mini-facelift or S-Lift methods could be a viable option. During your consultation, ask the surgeon what he or she would recommend based on your age and the extent of your excess skin.


Facial surgery aims to improve the contours of the face and the neck and thereby reduce evidence of ageing. Sagging skin is removed and tightened . It is a significant operation and raises lots of questions in the patient’s mind, some of the FAQ’s are listed below.

Typical Minimum Cost of Mini Facelift:
Time Required for Mini Facelift:
Is Mini Facelift an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?
What are the Side Effects of Mini Facelift?
How Long do Mini Facelift results last?
What is the recovery time for Mini Facelift?
Will my insurance company cover Mini Facelift?
Is there much discomfort for Mini Facelift?
What types of anesthesia is necessary for Mini Facelift?
What else can I combine Mini Facelift with?
What else is Mini Facelift referred to as?
Is there a common technique for face lift procedures?
Is facelift surgery performed under general anaesthesia?
Do I need a chin implant?
If I had a face lift somewhere else, and I don’t like the results, can this be fixed?
How long will the bruising and swelling last?
I really want a face lift, but I’m nervous. What if I get stressed?
What if I have a bad history of scars?
Are there any dietary restrictions after the surgery?
Are there any instructions about regular activities post surgery?
What does it feel like when I wake up from surgery?
What type of complications are possible after a facial surgery?
What won’t a face lift surgery correct?
Who is a good candidate for face lift surgery?
Am I too young for a face lift?
What is a face lift?
Will I be able to see a computer generated image of my projected results?
Is there a lot of swelling involved with a face lift?
I’m concerned about my privacy?
I take vitamins and supplements , do I need to stop them before my surgery?
How long will my face lift results last?
Will it be too obvious that I’ve had a face lift?
Is a face lift surgery painful?
Will the scars disappear? Where will the scars be?
Will a face lift help the dark circles and bags under my eyes?

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