Liquid Face Lift


Fat transplantation has come into the forefront of facial rejuvenation in the past 2 years.

However, we at the Indo-American Cosmetic Surgery Centre have been into this technique with satisfactory results for the past 6 years.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti is regarded as one of the pioneers in stem cell and autologous fat grafting of the face since he has presented papers in national meetings detailing the technique for the past 6 years. His presentation at the World Congress of the IPRAS in January 2010 was a landmark paper in the region.

Fat grafting of the face is also referred to as stem cell facial and liquid face lift.

Whatever it may be called for marketing compulsions,fat grafting of the face is considered by the medical scientific community as a safe procedure for facial rejuvenation as compared to the traditional facelift and fillers, etc.

You own fat from the belly (and you are not charged for a belly reduction!) is sucked out as an office procedure, prepared meticulously wherein all fractions are separated and the stem cell fat portion is injected as a volumizer into various predetermined areas of the sagging face, taking you nearest to the fullness of the face of your youth.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti has a large series of results of correction of facial aging, facial defects and microsomias of the face, using this technique which he loves.