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Body Lift

Body Lift

A body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a combination of Tummy Tuck and many different surgeries to improve the look and shape of your abdomen, legs, buttocks, chest and arms. The body lift surgery is designed for those people whose body is prematurely showing the signs of age through a loss of tightness and excess of skin and fat throughout the body.

Any number of factors can cause loose hanging tissue such as pregnancy, aging, genetic skin conditions, and rapid weight loss. A belt lipectomy can help sculpt your body back to normal.

The body lift surgery is designed for individuals who have excessive skin and want to remove those unattractive skin folds. However, a body lift is not a weight loss tool, Body lift surgery is a sculpture process designed to tighten skin, not shrink the size. Those with an excessive BMI (Body Mass Index) or a high body fat percentage should consider weight loss options before undergoing a body lift. Surgery consists of removing the excess skin from the treatment areas; liposuction may also be employed to remove fat from the region. The muscles and skin in the area are then tightened to regular body levels. The results are a body with the firmness and smoothness that you have not seen in years.


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